About us

Viet International Japan (VIJ) is a consulting firm located right at the center of Yokohama, a beautiful city located 20 km south of Tokyo, Japan. We are specialised in education, study exchange, cultural exchange and business matching, with a focus on the two countries: Japan and Vietnam. Our founders consist of renowned scientists, professors and business professionals from Vietnam and Japan with vast experience in both Western and Asian countries, such as France, Japan, Russia, UK and USA. With proven experience of our specialists’ team, we aim to be a reliable destination for our partners all over the globe.

Since 2021, Viet International Japan (VIJ), has been established as an independent business entity. Despite acting as a standalone organisation, VIJ has strong ties with many renowned companies and research institutes, and thus our specialists work in synchronisation with external specialist from these organisations. For more information about our partners, please see below.

Company outline

Registered nameViet International Japan Kabushiki-gaisha (Japanese: Viet International Japan 株式会社)
Established8 June 2021
Registered address221-0057, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama city, Kanagawa-ku, Aoki-cho 7-4, Prime Yokohama 203
Capital1,000,000 JPY
Business fieldsEducation, Cultural exchange, Business matching, Consulting

Vision & Mission statement

With the slogan “Think globally”, Viet International wishes to become a bridge between in Vietnam and the world. In accordance with this vision, we have 2 specific missions:
(i) To connect like-minded professionals such as scientists, researchers and businessmen through the form of business matching, organising international conferences or cross-border cultural exchange programs.
(ii) To provide young, talented students a platform to reach their future dreams. This includes not only standard study-exchange or short-study-tour programs, but also career opportunities and life support.

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